Productivity is our promise

Passed 150-Point Inspection

Less than 650,000 miles

8 model years or newer

Federal DOT passable

Backed by Volvo Certified Warranty

What does it mean to be Volvo Certified?

Every truck that earns the title Volvo Certified goes through a demanding process. Each one is examined from tow hook to taillight. In the end, only the very best pre-owned Volvo trucks meet our criteria and become Volvo Certified.

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The new standard in pre-owned


Finance your Certified pre-owned truck with Volvo Financial Services (VFS). Ask about special offers for Volvo Certified vehicles.

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Volvo Certified Warranty

With the first ever Volvo-backed Certified Warranty, you can have confidence that you’re getting the best, most trust-worthy pre-owned truck in the industry.

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